Quince Pickle


Ingredients. Quince, Vinegar, Sugar, Clove, Peppercorn, Cayenne Pepper.

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At first sight one is drawn to the rich chunky texture, suspended in the golden glow of the slightly opaque, creamy syrup. A small teaspoon full atop a thin slice of New Zealand made blue cheese and cracker is all that is required to present an eye catching morsel fit for any table. Appearances however are immediately overtaken by the sensational rush from your taste buds at the first bite. The impact of the superbly blanched and fresh, organically grown fruit is matched beautifully with the supreme balance of taste in the sweet and sour but very pleasantly healthy tasting sauce.

The Winter pickle gets my golden sash and top shelf vote – it is set to impress at any grand occasion. Chunks of quince soaking in a jelly-like pickle which only gets better with age.


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Weight 800 kg


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